Monday, 18 November 2013

Battle Cry 2013 - Results

For those of you that participated in the tournament on 17 Nov 13, your results have been submitted to Rankings RHQ and should (if everything goes correctly) be included in the next update.  I believe I have everyone's RHQ Ranking number except for two indviduals who don't appear to have accounts with RHQ
Thanks to all who participated.  Our next tournament will be Paths of Glory 2014, Mid War - 1500 pts on Sunday, 13 Apr 14 / 3 rounds of play.  Same format that we've established with the Petawawa Miniature Soldiers Gaming Group.  The web site will be updated soon with details.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Battle Cry 2013 - Update

This is just a reminder to everyone that the 3rd Annual FoW  - 1650 Point, Late War Tournament sponsored by the Petawawa Miniature Soldiers gaming group and Perkins Hobby House is scheduled for Sunday, 17 Nov.  Newcomers and beginners are welcome.  For those of you that have not been at one of our tournaments before, Perkins Hobby House offers a full range of FoW miniatures and other gaming options.
Doors open at: 0800 hrs;
Registration commences no later than: 0900 hrs;
Tournament briefing by yours truly commences at: 0930 hrs;
First game to commence no later than: 1000 hrs;
Dress parade:  1200 hrs
Gaming and awards complete no later than: 1800 hrs
Registration cost:  $15 at the door (inflation @#%$#@&*^&%) includes lunch.  We can accommodate up to 24 players but numbers are adding up quickly.  For those who may not have yet registered please drop me a line via e mail.  For those that have registered but for some reason you may have to bow out, please let me know asap.
Prizes (in difference to the tournament pack):
Best Overall
Best Allied General
Best Axis General
Best "dressed" / painted 
Best Sport
Tournament pack: can be found on our web site at: . In order to encourage beginners to participate and in difference to what it says in the tournament pack, unpainted armies will be accepted.
Directions:  For those who have not been to the Hobby Shop before, a google map can be found on our web site at:
Bob McBride (a.k.a. Luggs)
Tournament Organiser

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Battle Cry 2013 - Change to Army Points


As Tournament organizor I've made the executive decision to revamp the points for the Battle Cry (LW) Tournament on 17 Nov 13  to 1650 from what was previously announced.  This will align us with the Battlefront 2014 tournament season army point system announced by Battlefront last week.  Cheers.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Interesting News from Battlefront:

Hey Guys,

Battlefront has made the announcement with regard to the point system for the '13/14 tournament season (see below).  This will certainly affect the "National Tournament" that we're talking about next summer.  I've also received some feedback from some battle hardened vets from the last Historicon event in Jul this summer.  From what they tell me 1780 points for LW is just  a bit too much for tournament play.  The question is:  should we be reducing the number of points to 1650 for our upcoming tournament in Nov?

We originally set the point total based on what was being done at Historicon.  It looks like now there is some back pedalling going on.

Please feel free to comment.

Tournament Point Totals for 2013-2014 - For the season beginning 8 October 2013 and ending 6 October 2014 the following point levels for each given era will be used for all Battlefront Flames Of War tournaments:
PeriodPoint Total
Early-war1550 points
Mid-war 1485 points
Late-war1650 points

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Battle Cry '13 - 17 Nov 2013 at the "Shop"

hey Everyone,

Don't forget we have a tournament coming in Nov.  All the details are on our website at:

If you're looking for the Tournament Pack its on the Calendar and Document page on the website at:  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find a pdf called "PMS Tournament Pack as of Apr 13".

Hope you can all make it.  24 spots available.  People are beginning to sign up already so its not too early to get your name on the list.  First come, first serve. Cheers.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tournament Results - "NUT" 2000 pt Tournament

Here are the overall results:
Gary - 17 points;  1st place
Brad - 14 points;   2nd place
Drew - 13 points;  3rd place
Iain - 12 points;
Andrew - 11 points;
Brandon - 10 points;
Louis - 10 points;
BJ - 9 points;
John - 9 points;
Bob - 7 points;
Dan - 7 points;  and
Barry - 4 points.
Prizes are as follows:
1st place - $60.00 worth of merchandise;
2nd place - $40.00 worth of merchandise; and 
3rd place - $20. 00 worth of merchandise.
Congrats to the winners.  For the remainder of us....better luck next time.  Cheers.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Tournament - Paths of Glory - 14 apr 13

This is a reminder to everyone that our next tournament scheduled at the shop is mid-war, 1750 pt on 14 April.  Sign-up sheet is now available or you can e mail Gary to reserve a spot at:        or phone him at:  613 687 6394.
Registration fee is $10, payable at the door. Pass the word.  TO for the event is Louis Santerre.  The tournament pack is published to our web site and can be found at:

Hope to see you all there.

Bob a.k.a Luggs