Friday, 17 August 2012

Obstacles in Ambush

We’ve had some discussion at the shop and the general feeling is that the issue remains controversial and it’s therefore necessary to institute a local ruling on the subject.

Here is what is proposed and remains open for discussion at the moment:  In missions that use the Prepared Positions special rule (see page 263 and 264), obstacles may be placed in your own deployment area or no man’s land (page 262).  Obstacles include:  wire (either cat wire or low wire entanglement), mines, booby traps, and tank traps.  They must be placed at the beginning of the game.  Therefore any pioneer / engineer supply vehicles held in reserve would lose the benefit of placing obstacles.  They cannot be placed such that teams would be in impassable terrain or have crossed impassable terrain to get where they are (Battlefront ruling).

However, as platoons that are held in ambush are considered to be placed on the board at the beginning of the game, mine and booby trap obstacles may be held in ambush and not revealed until the ambush is sprung.  All other obstacles such as wire and tank traps must begin the game on the board. As only platoons can be held in ambush, supply vehicles held in ambush must be an integral part of or attached to a platoon at the time the player determines which platoons will be held in ambush prior to their deployment.  As well, transport teams, in this case pioneer / engineer supply vehicles, that do not have passengers (page 46) must be attached to Combat or Weapons platoons in the same company (page 260).

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

WANTED !!!! - FOW Pictures

I'm looking for some photos we can post to our website.  Anything FOW related is fine but please provide a caption with the pic.  Send the photo(s) to our gmail account at:  I will subsequently scrutinize and then post to the photo page of the site.

Registered Club

Hey now official we are registered with Battlefront as a club on their FOW website.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

FOW Tournament - Battle Cry 2012 - 25 Nov

The club will host its 3rd annual LW Tournament - BattleCry, on Sunday 25 Nov sponsored by Perkins Hobby House.  This year we've raised the number of points to 1650 and opened the competition to 22 players.   Full details and the Tournament Pack have been published on our web site at:

To reserve a spot, send an e mail to: or phone Gary at 613 687 6394.  Cost is $10 per person, payable at the door on the day of the tournament.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Early War (EW) Escalation Tournament - Results are in !!!

The EW Escalation Tournament has officially ended.  All scores have now been sent to the Tournament Organizer  (TO), Dennis Campbell.  He is in the process of sorting through the results and will announce the findings as time passes....hopefully sooner than later.

 For all those that participated, well done.  By all accounts we surpassed the DDs in participation and scores.  By my count we played 25 games in total.